Privacy policy

We commit ourselves to protect each client’s privacy, therefore we treat the personal data we have in our possession with care.

The information received are used with the only purpose of improving and customizing the services we offer.

Your personal information can be used only if get your authoration and, in any case, in compliance with the Italian Legislative Decree 196/03 and guaranteeing attention and their protection.

While opening a account, you shall be asked to accept the clauses described in this “Privacy policy”.

Your personal data will be used for purposes necessary or connected to the Wine-Producing Company “Azienda Vinicola Gaierhof Srl” for:

  • performance of administrative and statistical accounting activities;
  • control activities regarding the Company’s clients required by designated institutions;
  • fulfillment of legal and contractual obligations;
  • communication of data regarding the corporate management to the entity to which the licence is granted for management purposes;
  • management judicial and extra-judicial litigations.

The information regarding our clients are a remarkable part of our corporate assets and, for this reason, the sale to third parties is absolutely ruled out.

  • Notwithstanding the communications made to comply with legal obligations, can also communicate their clients’ personal data to:
    • Subjects working in our offices appointed to treat your data – in particular, technicians or the management personnel;
    • Subjects who can access the data under provisions of law, regulations or UE regulations, within the time laid down by the rules;
    • In national and international fields, exclusively in aggregated form and subject to anonymisation of the data;
    • Subjects that need to access your data for auxiliary purposes to the relationship between you and us to the fullest extent strictly necessary to fulfill auxiliary assignments commited to them (for example, banks, insurance companies, professionals and legal, fiscal and commercial consultants);
    • Our consultants to the fullest extent necessary to fulfill their tasks imposing the duty of privacy and security while processing your data;
    • Clients and suppliers, public or private, for reference and information targets.

Processing methods:

The data shall be processed throughout the entire duration of the agreement and later to execute every legal obligation. The data shall be processed in written form and/or stored in an electrronic data carrier. According to your data, your company can exercise the rights pursuant to the Italian art. 7 of the Lgs. D. 196/2003 (hereafter written) to the fullest extent and conditions pursuant to the articles 8, 9, 10 of the mentioned Legislative Decree. To exercise such rights, you can contact the Data Controller we designed – nr. +39 0461 658514.


The owner of the data processor is:

Azienda Vinicola Gaierhof Srl
Via IV Novembre 51
38030 Roverè della Luna – TN

Scope of the provision

The data provision can be:

  • compulsory to fulfill the obligations pursuant to laws, regulations and UE regulations, that is pursuant to provisions imposed by authorities entitled by the law and by supervisory and monitoring boards or when contractually established
  • discretionary for data we are obliged to know. Not providing them will be reviewed from time to time by us and it shall determine the resulting decisions regarding the importance of such data.


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